SHERIFF / In Development

In the very early stages of development, this piece will explore the themes of motherhood and the lengths we are prepared to go in the name of one’s child. We want to do this in the context of Westerns, to investigate how to translate the world of the Western into the modern day and into theatre, and to re-examine the role of the woman within it. We have been inspired by the current situation in Mexico, where in lawless towns numerous women with babies or small children have taken on the role of Chief of Police, risking everything in order to create a viable future for their children, even if it means sacrificing themselves. We are also influenced by the recent worldwide events where existing orders have been completely wiped out by violent events - what does it mean to exist on a domestic level when everything around you is being torn apart?

“The story of the West is the story of a man fighting against the elements and all the basic emotions are used: if you hate, you hate, if you love, you love and if you laugh, you laugh. There is no nuance.” John Wayne.

“…in 2012 the change will be that it will be the woman’s turn to drive humanity towards the light.” Nuestra Aparente Rendición