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03/15 - Light Shining in Buckinghamshire

After working on Happy Days at the Young Vic, it was a short trip up the road to the National Theatre to work for the first time with Lyndsey Turner. She was putting together a spectacular production of Caryl Churchill's 'Light Shining in Buckinghamshire' with a cast of 18 actors and a community cast of about 35! It was a mind-blowingly complicated show to work on, but Lyndsey's ability to keep it all together was inspirational. It was fantastic to work on a piece that examined British history in ways that I'd never been exposed to at school - particularly at a time when the country was on the cusp of a general election - a moment when we can opt for change and the instability that brings with it, or be dictated to by fear and hang on to things the way they are... When the election result came through, Carolina and I were in the land of Cromwell's New Model Army - a movement which strove to subvert the existing order and build a fairer, more social and more democratic system, breaking down the structures that entrenched the divide between the haves and the have-nots...  

02/15 - At the Threshold

At the end of February Carolina and I made a short film with artist Daria Martin. We'd been involved in the development of the project for some time and after a few delays we finally got to film it. As well as generating material, Carolina also performed and I worked as scene director. Simon Stephens had written a script based on development work we'd done and as well as Carolina, it also featured Anamaria Marinca and Myles Westman. It was the first time I'd worked with a proper film crew. I loved it. It was also amazing to work so in depth on the subject of synaesthesia, particularly the idea of mirror-touch synaesthesia.  As soon as the film is going to be exhibited, we'll let you know.