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La Finta Giardiniera - A COVID rules opera

I’ve just finished working on quite a remarkable project in Copenhagen - I was asked to make a production of La Finta Giardiniera for the Opera Academy of the Royal Danish Opera; amazingly it was one of the few projects not to get cancelled as the fury of the COVID pandemic hit. A few days before going out, I was informed of the rules that we would have to stick to if we were to be allowed to make the show. I had to very quickly let go of the concept I’d been working on for months and come up with something new. It was a lovely and exciting challenge. This is a project that carries with it no creative team, no budget to speak of and limited time. What it also has is a small group of incredibly dedicated people who work like mad within tight constraints to make something happen. On top of this, an ensemble of singers who threw caution to the wind and jumped straight in at the deep end. The essence of theatre making.

We wanted to make something that worked on a theatrical level, but also on a filmed/streaming level - not just filming a theatre show. We didn’t know if we’d be allowed any audience in the theatre, but if they were there, it would have to be an engaging experience - if they were watching on a screen it would also have to be an engaging experience. It’s very rough and raw, and it will need some time to make a good edit of the material, but it was a joy to make and was, I think, the first opera to be produced under COVID rules (we just didn’t have a marketing team to shout about it!). Here are some photos to give you an idea. I’ll let you know when there’s more to see. I would also like to thank the incredible group of people who I’ve been working with these past weeks - you are amazing.
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