Ok… so it’s been ages - just over a year in fact - that’s not terribly impressive in terms of keeping you up to date with what’s been going on - but it’s not only through laziness; we have been busy I promise!

So first off - Hello! We hope it’s been as great a year for you as it has been for us - obviously there are things that have happened this year that have been seismic in their affect on the world, and now we have to see what part we all need to play in shaping how they all play out. There are also some, admittedly smaller, events that we’ve been involved in over the past 12 months or so, but which have also, hopefully, had small seismic effects…

I think that when we last wrote we had just done some development work on Sheriff - we’ve just done some more, so it seems like quite a good way to book-end this very full year. There’s a lot to say, to describe, to rant about, to celebrate, but for now I’ll just try a photo essay of sorts - everyone has so much to contend with at this time of year and we don’t want to add unnecessarily to it! Assuming Theresa May and her friends don’t evict EU citizens from the UK in the near future, Carolina and I will be back in the New Year and will be able to go into more depth then.

In the meantime here follows a rundown of the fantastic and fascinating projects we’ve been involved in over the last year or so… And whilst we’re still here, near the beginning (and in case you don’t make it to the end), we hope it’s also been a wonderful year for you all - there are lots of challenges ahead for us all, so harness all that good stuff and let’s launch into 2017 with passion, brains and the knowledge that nothing great comes easily :)

First up Carolina embarked on the second part of her journey with Phyllida Lloyd and her all female Shakespeareans for the Donmar Warehouse - they took Henry IV to St Anne’s Warehouse in Brooklyn to huge acclaim; great reviews, packed houses and a steady flow of celebrities to take selfies with.

Henry IV

Meanwhile I headed off to Paris to recreate the production of The Way Back Home that I made with Katie Mitchell for English National Opera and the Young Vic - this time it was with the singers of Paris Opera’s Academy - 2 casts, very little time, but a fantastic team and a lot of fun.

From there I headed out on a run of projects; Cleansed at the National Theatre, again with a fantastic and brave bunch of performers - it was fascinating and difficult material to work with, and possibly one of the most oppressive productions I’ve worked on, but a brilliant experience nevertheless. During this I also had to briefly jump over to Berlin to revive the wonderful Le Vin Herbé for the Staatsoper - incredibly beautiful music and an unusually strong ensemble of singers.

Cleansed - National Theatre

After that and Cleansed, it was straight over the river to the Royal Opera House for a new production of Lucia di Lammermoor with, amongst others, the brilliant Diana Damrau. There were some elements of the production (that I found beautiful and necessary) which provoked a strong negative response from some of the more traditional Royal Opera House audience - and for the first time that I’ve experienced, the creative team were assaulted by boos at the curtain call on opening night. There were also lots of cheers, but you tend to mainly hear the boos! It was intense, but strangely rewarding - the production gets a revival next year, so it cant be all bad…

Lucia di LammermoorLucia - Covent Garden

Whilst this was going on, Carolina also donned her Movement Director mantle and worked on The Brink at the Orange Tree theatre, directed by Mel Hillyard - a play about anxiety and fear around growing up - It had great reviews and a great response from its audiences.

Production photographs of The Brink, by Brad Birch, dir. Mel Hillyard, Apri 2016Production photographs of The Brink, by Brad Birch, dir. Mel Hillyard

After that I went to work with Matthew Xia on Blue/Orange at the Young Vic - a totally different type of production, but a lot of fun and very rewarding, Again an excellent cast and an eye opening experience in terms of the state of mental health treatment in the UK.


Carolina started (again as movement director) on The Opera of the Unknown Woman, directed and written by Melanie Wilson - this was the an incredibly ambitious feminist, science fiction opera talking about environmental collapse and the power of music and women to heal the world…

The Opera for the Unknown Woman

Still in opera land, I headed off to Aix en Provence to work on a mesmeric, dreamlike production of Pelléas et Melisande. It’s always brilliant to work in Aix, to be surrounded by such incredibly dedicated teams of people who work incredibly hard to achieve these massive productions. This year top honours has to go to the incredible back stage crew we worked with - truly inspiring.

Pelléas et Melisande

There have been a couple of moments this year when I’ve worked with artist Daria Martin on developing the next short film we’re making; after last year’s At the Threshold, next year we’ll make a version of Kafka’s The Hunger Artist - it’s fascinating to be involved in the world of film again, and seeing where our particular development process can provoke interesting cinematic approaches. This time we’ve been working with the excellent Nick Gill as writer, as well as a wonderful group of performers to workshop our ideas.

The Hunger Artist workshop

By now Carolina had started work on the mindblowingly (and bodyblowingly) epic task of making and performing the third of Phyllida’s Shakespeares, The Tempest whilst also reviving the first 2 (Julius Caesar and Henry IV). She has now just finished working on and performing these for 4 months. We rarely saw her, but she seemed very happy with her alternative and brilliant all female family. Fortunately they are now on a break before heading to perform in a prison in Leeds and then back to New York in January. I thought she might simply vaporise at some point as the schedule was incredibly gruelling, particularly when they performed all 3 shows in a day! Though I think this was the best way to see the work from an audience perspective - a very brave and necessary undertaking.

Rehearsing the Trilogy

I’ve been back to Paris, this time to teach at the Academy of Opéra National de Paris working with the singers on performance and acting - a very lovely side project to get underway. As well as that I also worked on Ella Hickson's OIL at the Almeida Theatre with the wonderful Carrie Cracknell - an epic play that was terrifyingly eye-opening to work on.


Most importantly we finally got back to our own work this month, when we spent a couple of weeks at the brilliant Shoreditch Town Hall working on Sheriff. There is a longer post to be written about this, but suffice it to say it was brilliant to get our teeth and minds back into it.

She gave birth to many things...

Next year is also packed, but I’m currently enjoying spending a couple of months trying to stay at home and be with our exceptionally wonderful children, Laszlo and Wilhelmina - their patience (along with that of my mum) has been astounding with the ridiculous schedule we keep, and it’s absolutely brilliant to be spending a lot more time with them.

So take good care of yourselves, have a wonderful break, and we hope very much to see you in some form in the new year.

Here's to 2017... upwards!

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Carolina and Joseph

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