The Sheriff of Shoreditch

We have just completed our research and development time on Sheriff at Shoreditch Town Hall.

It was wonderful.

Of course full of challenges, but ones that were a pleasure to take on and try to overcome. The project marks a very important moment for us as artists and makers, a moment in which we are really able to define a language and an approach that is truly ours. It has taken us a while to get here, and who knows how it will develop or where it will go, but it is a milestone. It is our most precarious and most confident moment in a long time, even if those two things don't logically fit together. 

This is a project that has grown out of a number of workshops, all very different in their focus, but all involving wonderful and generous collaborators who have helped lay down many many levels of sub-strata that underpin the material that we are working with now.  We could not have done this without them, they are brilliant and they know who they are.  

We were also blessed to be able to work with a brilliant team for the past two weeks.  First of all the wonderful people of Shoreditch Town Hall, who were unquestioning in their generosity.  Our own team with Emma Mckie as our stage manager, Gareth Fry helping us start to develop our sound ideas and the amazing Flick Ferdinando and Vinicius Salles helping us mould and shape our on-stage material - their daring and generosity was irreplaceable. 

Carolina's writing brilliantly held its own and it will be a joy to take it to the next level, as we decide how to move the project forward. 

It was also invaluable to have people come and watch us present some of the material we'd been working on - their feedback will be hugely important to the choices we make. So thank you all of you who came along. 

For now we need a little bit of time to reflect, but we can't wait to get on with the next stage.

In the meantime, here are some images from the 2 weeks.

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