All of theatre O’s work is based on the contribution and participation of the ensemble. In order for this to be most effective the performers must have an acute awareness of the tools at their disposal; their body, their voice and, most importantly, their imagination.

Our workshops aim to re-empower the actor by putting him/ her at the centre of the creative process. By taking simple stories, parts of stories, stories based on the experiences of the participants themselves, we examine the essential elements that make it possible for us to interpret these narratives and moments in an exciting, imaginative and theatrical way.

theatre O’s workshops can also take the form of residencies of up to a month. This involves a much more in depth investigation of the creative process and the development of the actor as creator. We have recently undertaken residencies with the senior year acting students at TISCH in New York, Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, the Teatro del Cuerpo festival and the National Centre of the Arts in Mexico, and the Lin Zhao Hua Drama Studio in Beijing.

‘Today [actors] impersonate and interpret, tomorrow they must represent and interpret; and the third day they must create. By this means style may return.’ Edward Gordon Craig